6 Things you should always have in your diary


People might think that keeping a diary is a childish habit. But truthfully its not just keeping secrets and writing your school crush in it. But it can also be used for having memories or emotions for intents. Whether you are thinking of starting to write a journal or not, here are some tips I thing will for be useful for you.

1.   Inspirational Quotes

In my point of view inspirational quotes come in handy when you are having a hard time or need some advice. So whenever you find a quote that you like or think is convenient for you, just write it down. They can be from anywhere for example books, songs, movies, TV series, blogs and more.

2. Goals in Life

Make a list of goal for your future and then see if you can achieve them while bring them wherever  you go. Then when you have accomplished it cross it out then maybe write a new one if you have one in mind.

3. Appointments

Don’t ever forget to write your important appointments in your diary. I’ve noticed that people put in there fun appointment in there diary but they forget to put  in there doctors/dentist or consolers appointments  even thought there more important. Put them on a sticky note or write them in a different colour then you don’t forget them and can see them clearly.

4. Important number and dates

When you get a new diary spend a few minutes filling in some important numbers and names of people in case you forget your phone and don’t know there number off by heart.

5. Pictures

Just as important as quotes picture come next. Pictures of friends and family will help you though hard times or when you just want to remember old times that you might have forgotten. Just do like I have, I put a envelope at the back of your diary or stick them to the page of the diary entry there for.

6.  Exercise routes

It’s good to write down you exercise route. I try to go swimming every week and I write down how many laps and meters I’ve done in that time and look at the past weeks and seen if I’ve got better or worse.



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